Success's first law

The importance of order

Offering our paper writing service, we need to establish priorities to enable us to not only succeed but also to do the right thing at the right time.

Prioritizing our resources from time to money is a great factor in determining our success in anything. This virtue is indispensable whenever we are faced with more than one task. It’s what keeps people on the successful path; it’s what makes people successful.

Order does not only mean to follow a timetable or to put the tools where they are meant to be. It means a lot more….. It’s simply a formula for success.

Where does order begin?

Order begins in the mind.

Order in the mind means to maintain a hierarchy of ideas starting with the most important to the less important. God, his plans and then our values…

We need to place order in our mind. Before talking, doing anything etc we should think about it well. 

We should also put order in our will. The desires of our heart need to be ordered well. God should come first and then his will followed by our values…

We should also put a more effort in loving the people who need our love more i.e. the people whose lives, body and soul are in danger. There should also be order in the things we do. Doing one thing at a time is very important. Start with what we ought to do not what we feel like doing.

Order also means that when charity calls for it, we can drop what we are doing to attend to the most urgent need.

All virtues are inter-linked. Virtue without order is a strange order. 

Keep order and order will keep you

The plan of life helps us to live order. There should be time for God, for Friends, Culture, Hobbies, Sports, Family, Social life and rest. This in turn breeds success in our spiritual, physical and social life.

Success's first law

In practice it is practically impossible to attain order without a plan of life.
Your plan of life should include at least; work, study, family obligations, relaxation and in a special way our spiritual life.

Plan of life does not lead to monotonous, or a routine. The person who follows his whims in the face of any action is the one who cannot do anything meaningful in life to its completion. In a certain sense they are the victims of their imagination.