A Season of Success

Fasting is a season of much grace and forgiveness. It’s a season that God offers us so much grace to draw ourselves closer to Him. It’s a season that God is so merciful to us. He calls out to us to move closer to Him, to seek success in our spiritual lives

Now, now, the Lord says, come back to me…

The importance of fasting is to derive our bodies the comfort of food, this awakens our spirit. When our spirit is awake, we draw more grace from God, we draw closer to Him, and we become more successful since our lives are nourished by His grace. The prayer success we seek or claim onto our lives is given to us lovingly and in full measure

When we are comfortable or successful, we tend to forget God since everything is working well for us, but when pain, suffering and uncomfortability sets in, we tend to search for God. We go back to the giver of success, the Provider, the restorer of hope and love. Fasting is one sure way of searching and finding God in our lives

A Season of Success

Success is a far as our knees
Through fasting; God places Himself before us. He reaches forth to us to bless us with success. He forgives our sins and restores our hope. He teaches us the meaning of suffering and showers us with wisdom to learn from our experience. He blesses us with a spirit of fortitude to try that which we find hard or uncomfortable

There is no success without God. There is no true happiness without God. To find God is to find everything for He is all in whole. Success then comes from Him and is sustained by Him. The hope and courage to hold on is given by Him, the wisdom to discern the suffering of life is given by Him too.

Success is a far as our knees, let us go down on our knees and pray for it