Success in Failure

Redefining Success !

There are many times in my life that I will fall again and again despite the help of friends and loved ones. Success entails realizing that my greatest moments were my weakest one. My greatest triumph was in failure. To travel the successful path means picking myself up, and turning the failures into success by trying again and again

I often judge by appearances and how wrong I am most of the time. The world judges entirely by this fraudulent method of discerning. It looks down upon those who apparently have given their best and are now in need. It judges the poor as failures, the sick as useless and the aged as a burden

Though, the world looks at the poor, the sick and the aged as unsuccessful, these people are apparently the most successful people in very many aspects of human living

Very few people have learnt the true meaning of suffering, very few people have accepted suffering as part of life. But the terminally sick patients have embraced suffering as part of their lives, they see beyond the pains, and successfully they have taken both their lives and faith to the next level

Redefining Success !

Similarly, very few people are contented with what they have in this life, yet the poor are amongst the people who acknowledge that what they have is sufficient for them, they struggle…yes… but when they have a meal a day they are thankful, successfully they have lined a contended

What about those who have given their best to the society and now are in need? Aren’t they successful really? How blind the world to judge this people as unsuccessful, how short is sighted is the world’s wisdom to neither perceive nor understand the meaning of success

Angeline Jolie said “In Africa, we were around thousands of people who have seen a lot of poverty, but they were fun at the end of the day”. How true this statement is