Forget the forgetful

Do I lack the courage to face the unpleasant situations? Can one be successful without meeting such unpleasant situations? Doesn’t the successful path have its share of suffering, sorrow and quitting?

Sadness, fears and worries will always rob me of peace until I have learned to embrace God’s will in all things. When I have done this, I will no longer be troubled whether I live here or there, whether I work with this person or that one. I will see God’s hand guiding me through the trials of daily life, teaching me patience, love and sorrow for my sins. I need only do my best. That is enough for God. It ought to be enough for me too

Human nature hates being deprived of what it likes. Most human sadness is born of worldly attachments and one can only be sad when he/she is deprived of something which he/she desires so much!

As long as I am afraid to suffer, I will not posses peace. I ought to live my daily life bravely even when it involves hardship and suffering. Many a times we pursue imaginary happiness. If I am afraid of inconveniences or suffering, I will never advance in virtue. If I am scared of failing I will never be successful

Truth is never democratic. The truth is everybody quits, but the successful quit whatever that does not take then closer to success, they re-consider their options, they drop some and pick up others. They endure sorrow to be successful. They embrace suffering in their path so as to achieve peace and ultimately be named as the most successful people

Taming Suffering Successfully

Parting shot:
Forget the forgetful – embrace the pains – conquer the sufferings – push on with life – let your past not pull you down – do not cling to the past – go – do it – you are a new being – live your life – be successful